Instant, accurate, mobile SCC testing for conventional, organic, and commercial dairy farmers

To know the SCC health of the milk in your bulk tank, you need a dependable somatic cell count (SCC) to protect your herd, and you need it quickly!

In order to consistently produce the largest volume of high-quality milk efficiently, conventional, organic, and commercial dairy farmers need to ensure their herds have consistently low SCC readings.

A herd with high SCCs will lead to poor milk quality and sick cows with clinical mastitis.

Get the power of instant SCC cow-side testing in your milking parlor or shed, at cattle auctions, and in the field using your iPod Touch or iPhone with Dairy Quality’s innovative Dairy SCC mobile app and a Dairy Quality mobile microscope device.

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“This is our calving time now, and on two occasions we have been able to begin early treatment following a test on cows with their calves before the infections became serious, and possibly chronic. The beauty of the RT10 is that we are able to isolate infected cattle until we get them [healthy], which is quite amazing especially when there are no visible external indications of infection.”

Gordon McKillop
Gordon McKillop,
The Nyangombe Project, Zambia

Taking the Heat off Your Herd

Learn about the risks heat stress poses to the health of your herd, its milk production, the quality of the milk they produce, and how to protect them.
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